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Among our collection of kids-friendly addresses, the Ikos establishments undeniably hold a privileged place. Set in Greece, on the wonderful peninsula of Halkidiki, in Corfu, Kos and more recently in Spain on the Andalusian coast, these luxurious establishments indeed did bring the art of All-inclusive holidays further, at an extraordinary level of quality.

We share the same passion of providing the best welcome for children, the joys of knowing moments and the unforgettable memories related to exceptional stays.
And our honeymoon is far from over!

Let’s meet with Lisa John, director of the kids-friendly programme and services at Ikos Resorts




At Ikos, freedom is sacred!

Could you introduce us to the Ikos group?

The word “ikos” is derived from ancient Greek oikos, which stands for « family », « family goods » and « house ».

It symbolises the philoxenia, a more profound notion than mere hospitality.

It is a tacit cultural law which demonstrates the generosity, courtesy, and the importance of welcoming for the Greek people.

Ikos Resorts is a collection of 5-star hotel resorts on the Spanish and Greek on the seaside, created for exigent travellers who wish before anything else for an extraordinary experience in family, by benefitting from high quality products and services. Our will has always been to reinvent the traditional concept of “All-Inclusive”, by making it ever more perfect for wealthier holidaymakers.

This is what we call the Infinite Lifestyle: the perfect combination between the quality of a 5-star hotel and the inherent comfort of the “All-Inclusive” aspect. Moreover, all of our properties are thought to offer an elegant setting to our guests and are always built in compliance with the respect of the local environment and in an effort of eco-sustainability.

It certainly is the reason why Ikos Resorts are continuously awarded as the world’s best luxury All-Inclusive resort during the annual Trip Advisor Traveller’s Choice. We own 5 establishments, including Ikos Oceania and Ikos Olivia in Halkidiki, Ikos Dassia in Corfu, and Ikos Aria on the Kos Island. Our very first installation out of Greece, Ikos Andalusia, recently opened its doors in spring 2021 at Marbella-Estepona, in Spain, and is the last of the five properties under the brand of Ikos Resorts.


Could you explain to us what your job consists in?

I am the Little Guest Director and I work from the Ikos Resorts’ headquarters in Halkidiki. During the season, I split my time through our different hotels.

My role is to come up with new experiences, so children and families can tighten their bonds and spend together unforgettable moments in every one of our hotels.


« The Infinite Lifestyle: the perfect combination between the quality of a 5-star hotel and the inherent comfort of the “All-Inclusive” aspect »



Fine sand beaches and azure horizon for an outlook

What brought you to hold this position and what is your background?

Personally and professionally, I have always evolved surrounded by children. After completing my studies to become a comedian in London, I have taught music and theatre to children for a while before starting a university degree in coaching and management, at the Kingston University notably. My passion for younger children and the constant search for savoir-faire and innovation in this field then brought me to spend two years in Dubai where I expanded my knowledge further in the management of structures for early childhood hospitality, as I even started my very own creche.

Once back to United Kingdom, I led childminder teams for years in creches and family clubs in London and abroad. My goal is to provide with innovative and inspiring experiences for children and families, and to share this passion with professionals.

It then just seemed all natural to me to join the Ikos Resorts group as it offers families exclusives experiences that are specifically dedicated to leisure, discoveries and to children’s self-development.


What are the hosting policy guidelines at Ikos?

Ikos Resorts’ staff accompanies holidaymakers at every single stage of their stay. Our associates adapt the vacations to the exact needs of families so to ensure them a memorable experience, by bringing warmth and friendship at the centre of the process.

This season, we serenely open our doors given the blatant success of our Infinite Care Protocol™ in years 2020 and 2021, as no Covid-19 case has been recorded. We clearly put effort in establishing new worldwide norms for risk-free holidays during pandemics.

This is why we offer to our clients a super secured trip, from their check-in till the end of their stay, notably with the help of the Ikos Resorts’ enhanced mobile application that allows and improves digital interactions for unnecessary contacts.

Staff members systematically are tested and regularly go through antigenic tests. All the national and international clients are offered a rapid antigenic test upon arrival and benefit from all necessary verification and tests accordingly with return country Covid-19 policies before departure from the hotel.


« Our clients benefit from an unparallelled standard of service and from exclusive advantages, driven by constant care, wellness and elegance »



On Ionian Sea costline, dream villas with a private pool

What type of high-standard experience can clients expect from Ikos Resorts?

Thanks to the Infinite Lifestyle, our clients benefit from an unparallelled standard of service and from exclusive advantages, driven by constant care, wellness and elegance. Besides the 24/7 room service, guests revel in menus elaborated by starred chefs, can choose from a selection of 300 fine wine references and have the chance to discover local restaurants accordingly with our Dine out offer which allows guests to eat in restaurants that are found outside our resorts, without any added fee. A MINI Cooper also is put at the disposal of our guests for a day so to explore the region, and a very large selection of personalised activities is made available for them: spa, fitness, yoga, hikes, biking, nautical sports, cooking lessons, only to name a few.


When talking about “accommodations adapted to families”, what does is refer to exactly?

Ikos Resorts offers high-style rooms and suite categories that are ingeniously conceived, in a way that they are made perfect for families staying with children of all ages. This includes family suites with connecting rooms, or 2-bedroom suites among, some of which do boast with their very own terrace or private pool. As a matter of fact, Ikos Dassia in Corfu offers to larger families a splendid 3-bedroom luxury villa on the seaside, spreading over two floors and providing with a private pool.


« We do make sure that the meeting points and the activities all give them a feeling of intimacy and freedom »



Crafting and games, while mum and dad enjoy their own moment

Could you tell us more about the services for the youngest children and the kids-clubs?

In every hotel, we have a creche dedicated to young children aged less than 4 which allows the youngest to benefit from a very close and attentive care. We create activities depending on their age and their abilities and we focus on the use of our wonderful natural environments. We dispose the play area in a way that toddlers have everything at hand to tease their curiosity, while particularly insisting on creativity.

The kids-club is dedicated to children aged from 4 to 12 years old. We split them into two groups accordingly to their age, and the activity programmes to which they take part both take place inside and around the hotels, so they can explore their environment with their new friends. Their favourite activities are swimming and water games.

We also provide with a Just 4 Teens club for our guests aged between 13 and 17. We adapt the activities to the personal interest of the teenagers and make sure that the meeting points and the activities all give them a feeling of intimacy and freedom.


Who are the people who work in these facilities dedicated to children?

Much like all our guests, our teams are composed of numerous nationalities. In every dedicated club, the babysitters and childminders speak several languages so to meet the needs of everyone in the nicest way possible.

Yet, let’s not forget that in every single creche we have, the members of our teams are professionals showing all the required qualifications and the sufficient background to efficiently take care of the youngest. As far as they’re concerned, children and teenagers by a series of talented people, ranging from professional dancers to sports trainers, not to mention comedians and nature mentors.

The offer really is complete and ensures entertainment, escape and discoveries.



At Ikos, we explore, we move and have great fun!

What types of activities and family experiences would you particularly recommend?

Besides the kids-clubs, I do recommend the swimming lessons for the youngest children, as learning in such a marvellous setting is a wonderful experience that will strengthen the love for water children can have. For the older ones, I would suggest to benefit the most from extra activities by using the free bikes and explore everything our resorts can offer. Our theatre shows at night also are a great family activity to do during which everyone will gather.


On a more personal note, would you have your own anecdote or memory while sharing a moment with a family or a child?

Ikos builds this relaxing, warm and fun atmosphere that allows families to spend moments of a quality that can hardly be reached. I saw many families with young children that were living their very first experiences while spending their holidays here. We are often the first, outside their relatives, to take care of their children. In this sense, bonds are created on a longer term, and many holidaymakers do come back to visit us every year. This experience really is special and allow children and childminder teams to connect strongly and beyond the mere two joyful weeks they only spend with us.


« This experience really is special and allow children and childminder teams to connect strongly »


What would you like to say to families that could choose Ikos for their next stay?

Strengthening family bonds and the happiness of both parents and children are priorities on which we never make concessions. It is what it is, the period that we’ve been through regarding travelling was quite peculiar, yet, we insist on the fact that we provide with a safe environment that we have created through our Infinite Care Protocol ™. Families can be reassured that every step has been thought to reinforce their safety and enhance their well-being, accordingly to the most efficient safety criteria. We did everything in our power and more in terms of organisation, by ensuring the operation of our activities and our services and we made sure that the overall experience of every one of our guests remains wonderful.


The whole staff of Ikos hotels is waiting for you!


See you soon,



Interview made by Jean-Philippe Hanot Mambres

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