Greece with your family : a practical guide


An extraordinary heritage, paradisiacal landscapes and an impressive history await you in the land of the gods: Greece! From Santorini to Athens, families love to stay in this welcoming country, where the people greet you warmly. Discover the legends of Greek mythology through the incredible temples located all over the country. Children marvel at the temple of Zeus or the theater of Dionysus. Parents will be delighted to visit the Olympic Museum and learn more about the first country to ever host the Olympic Games. The whole family will be enchanted by the Greek gastronomy and its influences from all over the world that create a rich cultural identity.




9 must-do family activities in Greece

  • Explore the incredible Petralona Cave, located on the island of Halkidiki, for an extraordinary day filled with adventure. It is one of the largest and oldest caves on the European continent. It houses stalagmites and stalactites dating back 700,000 years. Something to marvel at for children and adults alike.
  • Head to the north of Greece for a visit to the city of Thessaloniki and its breathtaking view of the Thermaikos Gulf. This city is the co-capital of Greece due to its historical status. It is also home to 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites! You won’t want to miss a visit to Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece and, according to the legend, the favored home of the Greek gods in the mythology.
  • Reach Olympia, a historic city that hosted the Olympics between the years 776 and 393. Discover the ancient foundations of the gymnasiums, temples and sports facilities of the time. Don’t forget to make a detour to the historical museum of the Olympic Games.




  • Relax on the beaches of the most famous island of the Cyclades: Santorini! Families also sing the praises of this unique and beautiful island. Visit the towns of Fira and Oia for a spectacular sunset that colors the blue and white of the traditional houses with warm colors. Your toddlers will love discovering the still active volcano of Nea Kameni and the boat ride to get there.
  • Spend some time with a spectacular hike in Amorgos. This Cycladic island offers a varied and phenomenal scenery, with fantastic views of the lush vegetation and the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea.
  • Continue your Cyclades adventure with a ferry trip that the kids will love, and a day spent island hopping. This is the perfect opportunity to discover Paros and Naxos, two beautiful islands with a splendid heritage. Paros has a quiet atmosphere and beautiful picturesque villages. Naxos is made for the antique and history enthusiasts who want to explore the beautifully preserved Byzantine churches.




  • Lift the veil on the captivating capital of Greece: Athens! A city that is always on the move and full of stories and history. Discover the famous Parthenon, stroll through the streets of Plaka, marvel at the renovation of the Panathenaic Stadium, explore the temples of the Greek gods, visit the ancient agora, admire the colors of the sunset on Philoppapos hill. It is impossible to get bored in Athens!
  • Discover the city of Mycenae, located in the Peloponnese, well known for being one of the oldest sites in Greece and for being the former home of King Agamemnon. This city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is definitely worth a visit.
  • Take a trip to the city of Delphi, the center of the world according to the legend. The two eagles sent by Zeus are said to have found themselves in Delphi after their journey from each end of the universe. This city would have also sheltered the Pythia, the priestess of the god Apollo, who delivered the famous oracles of Delphi. Stop by the temple of Apollo to hear the stories. Children will be charmed by all the legends.




Greece is full of beautiful areas, all with incredible scenery and regionally specific family activities. To learn more about these individual regions, check out our travel guides:

  • To experience authentic Greece, Rhodes is the top destination for families. It is the largest island in the Dodecanese, and also one of the most visited in the archipelago. Visit the traditional villages, exceptional archaeological sites and the wild nature of this extraordinary island.
  • Follow a mother’s advice and hear her travelling experiences about her magical family trip in Corfu. This cosmopolitan island is adored by parents and children alike, even the youngest. Its undeniable charm sweeps you off your feet and the numerous activities to do with the whole tribe make Corfu a favorite destination for families.
  • It is not one or two but three seas that border Crete. Throw yourself into the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Libyan Sea! You will appreciate the authenticity of Crete and the sweetness of life of this peninsula which would have seen the birth of the king of the gods, Zeus himself.
  • Halkidiki is one of those destinations that is still not well known by the average traveler but that you can brag to have discovered it before anyone else. The three peninsulas in this charming part of Greece have an traditional Greek culture and impressive landscapes that you won’t want to miss.
  • The Greek mainland has no secrets for you and your kids, so you want to go to the beautiful Greek islands, but which one to choose? Little Guest answers all your questions about the most beautiful Greek islands to visit with your family, from the Cyclades archipelago to the Sporades, and from the Dodecanese to the Ionian Islands!


What is the best family-friendly hotel in Greece ?

Canaves Oia Epitome


Santorini: the new favored destination in Greece for families wanting to discover the beauty of the land of the gods. Often considered the most beautiful islands in Greece, its landscape is marked by the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea and the magnificent white villages with their blue domes. At the Canaves Oia Epitome *****, you will contemplate a breathtaking horizon from amazing pools, a step away from picturesque villages of Oia and Ammoudi.

The hotel is an ode to leisure and relaxation. The Canaves Oia Spa, a former 17th-century refurbished wine cave, offers a range of care treatments meant for resting and soaking you into holidays’ delights. But that’s not it! Ten minutes walk away, charming Oia hustles with restaurants, bars and shops exhaling a genuine perfume of Greece. Don’t skip local gastronomy and specialties, highlighting fresh and tasty sea food.

Willing to sail on the soothing Cretan Sea? Enjoy the incredible yacht location service provided by the Canaves Oia Epitome ***** for a high-end outing: gourmet dinner, wine tasting, scuba diving and many more are on the menu. Children will also find happiness at the hotel with the numerous activities dedicated to them (cooking classes, yoga lessons, scavenger’s hunt…) and the babysitting service. And if you are up for a good tan, you are only ten minutes away from the sunny Paralia Katharos beach!

Blue Palace, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa *****


The largest of the Greek islands is the talk of the town and for the right reasons. Crete has become one of the top destinations for families looking for a change of scenery and culture. The Blue Palace, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa ***** is nestled in the heart of Elounda, in the north of Crete, a breathtaking resort overlooking the Aegean Sea and the island of Spinalonga. Relax on the private pebble beach lined with olive trees and admire the beauty of traditional Greek architecture from the family-friendly rooms and suites.

For an introduction to Crete and Greece, even at a young age, the Blue Palace Kids Club ***** is the perfect place for your little ones to have fun with friends while participating in an educational program based on Greek culture and ecology with an incredible team of instructors. Teens can enjoy dozens of sports activities, such as water skiing, biking and hiking to explore the Greek countryside.

The resort thinks about the well-being of all the members of the family, whatever their preferences. For the athletic ones, head to the Blue Palace *****’s fitness center  and for those who want to end their day gently, the Elounda Spa offers an extraordinary view of the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea that intensifies your wine treatment or massage experience.


Grecotel Eva Palace *****


Wake up every morning to the natural music of the waves of the Ionian Sea and let yourself be carried away by the Greek air and the warm support of the services offered that adapt to your every need. The Grecotel Eva Palace ***** is located on the Kommeno peninsula between the towns of Dassia and Gouvia, only 12 kilometers from Corfu town, and offers a breathtaking view of the bucolic coastal villages. This idyllic luxury resort is a private Eden and every moment spent here becomes a treasured memory for families seeking rest and adventure.

The Grecotel Eva Palace ***** is a super kid-friendly resort that puts families and their needs first. Grecobaby will be with you even before your arrival with childcare equipment orders available at the beginning of your stay. Older toddlers can create magical vacation memories at the Grecoland Kids Club, which offers games, competitions and creative activities for children ages 4 to 12. The playground remains open for all adventurers while a game of tennis or basketball can be arranged on the adjacent courts.

Parents will appreciate the variety of delicious restaurants on site. Your taste buds will travel the world, from Asia at the Steak and Sushi restaurant to flavorful international cuisine at Contessa, which offers a sublime view of the nearby Greek islands. In all three restaurants, enjoy free children’s menus for children up to 6 years old.


Princess Resort *****


For the perfect family vacation, check out the Princess Resort *****, a luxury hotel nestled on the most beautiful beach of Skiathos Island, between pine-covered hills and stretches of fine sand bordered by turquoise waters. Its idyllic seaside location makes it an ideal spot for a family vacation in the sun. A big plus for families: the two tasty and varied restaurants and 3 refreshing bars. Fresh products are used in international dishes with impressive flavors.

You will not know what to choose and do with all the activities offered by the establishment. When you leave your luxurious room, a world of entertainment opens up for you and especially for your children! The youngest guests are treated like royalty at the Princess Resort *****. Parents will be delighted to hear that the kids’ clubs welcome your toddlers free of charge. Toddlers from 6 months to 4 years old run to the Little Seals Creche Club while children from 4 to 11 years old join the Little Seals Mini Club for a rich and intense program: discovering local fruits and vegetables, sliding on the garden games or even snorkeling.

Relaxation, sun and fun are the order of the day at the Princess Resort. Parents choose this luxury resort for many reasons and the Harmony Spa is high on the list. The professional staff is there to pamper you while the kids are having the time of their life at the kids’ club. The scent of fresh herbs and the soft light transport you to a world of relaxation for a few hours for a truly relaxing time.


Eagles Palace *****


Sandy beaches, beautiful decor, sparkling waters reflecting the iconic colors of Greece: all this awaits you at Eagles Palace *****! Located in the picturesque village of Ouranoupoli, on the most charming peninsula of Halkidiki, this incredible hotel is full of charm and promises a vacation out of the ordinary. The hotel has everything to accommodate families and make their stay a dream come true: spacious suites with private pool and sea view, award-winning dining, renowned spa and many other activities such as excursions and unique experiences.

No matter how old your children are, they will never be bored. Two unique programs await them: the Explorers program, focused on land-based activities, and the Aquatics program, focused on water sports in their dedicated pool, or both. They will return from their day at the kids’ club delighted and with stars in their eyes. Teenagers are not forgotten either, they can go to the hotel’s teen club. Equipped with games adapted to their age – video games, pinball, ping-pong table, etc. – it will quickly become a perfect meeting place for your teens who can make new friends and have fun all day long.

If your little ones are still too young to participate in the many activities offered by the hotel, take advantage of the quality babysitting service so that you can try them out with grown-ups. The Eagles Palace ***** also has its own water sports center! You can enjoy water activities such as water skiing, scuba diving, windsurfing, water bikes, paddle boarding, surfing, sea kayaking and wakeboarding while your little ones are in good hands, with the caring babysitter.


Greek gastronomy

Greek culture is defined as much by its history as by its gastronomy, both astonishing and traditional. For hundreds of years, it has been perfected and is now defined by a true and tasty identity through influences from all over the world. The fresh, local and sun-drenched ingredients that enchant the emblematic Greek dishes are at the heart of the popularity of the unforgettable Greek culinary specialties. This simple, traditional and friendly cuisine comes to life in recipes that are well known all throughout Europe.

One cannot stay in Greece without tasting the delicious tzatziki, a typical dish made of cucumber and yogurt that refreshes and delights all year round. Plump tomatoes and delicious feta cheese enhance the taste of incredible Greek salads as well as mezze, those « Greek tapas« , to be enjoyed with the whole family in a lovely ambiance. A homemade moussaka will warm your heart and for a more traditional option, the stuffed grape leaves are absolutely delicious, even the kids will want more! Continue your culinary journey with a touch of sweetness and history. Loukoumades are a small round doughnut with a melting center, flavored with honey or cinnamon that was originally eaten in Ancient Greece by the winners of the Olympic Games to celebrate their victory. Finally, after such a delicious dinner, share an ouzo among adults. This Greek pastis is perfect to end a spectacular day in Greece.




Some restaurants ideas

Stavros Traditional Grill House, located on Corfu, delights travelers and locals alike with its delectable grills. The lovely staff charms as much as the tender, juicy and tasty grilled meats. The portions are of an unequalled generosity which leaves the customers beaming. Typical homemade dishes are served daily in a melodious atmosphere, accompanied by live Greek songs playing in the establishment.

Whether you are staying in Athens or just passing through for the day, one restaurant is worth visiting: Cinque Wine and Deli Bar. This absolutely sumptuous address makes Greek gastronomy shine with divine dishes worthy of being eaten by the Greek gods. Greek cheese and charcuterie platters, Greek salads, bruschetti, panini, and for dessert, Greek yogurt: you won’t know what to choose but don’t panic, whichever option you choose, it will be delicious. Your children will appreciate the tasty menu specially designed for them.


Kids-friendly activities

Greece is rocked by stories and tales, dating back hundreds of years, that still fascinate all ages. These are of course the legends of Greek mythology! The Greek gods and their personal superpowers are a perfect entry point into Greek history and culture for youngsters. Visit the Acropolis in Athens, which features the temple of Zeus, the king of the gods, who can summon lightning, or the theater of Dionysus, the god of the vine, who is well known for his affection for the arts. There are many temples, theaters and statues throughout Greece that are absolutely beautiful and full of history. Come celebrate the Panathenaeus festival in July to honor the goddess Athena, who protects the city, according to the impressive myth.




Kids aren’t always fans of museums but they won’t want to miss this one! The Acropolis Museum in Athens houses a reconstruction of the Acropolis made entirely of Lego! Ryan McNaught, the only certified professional Lego builder in the southern hemisphere erected this building in 2014 in almost 300 hours of assembly, with over 120,000 bricks! Enough to impress your little ones, and to impart some very interesting information about Greek architecture through their favorite building bricks.

Greece has an exceptional climate that deserves to be enjoyed as it should be: in the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea! The Aquafuntastic activity center (just minutes away from one of Little Guest’s favorite locations, the MarBella, Mar-Bella Collection) offers a variety of water sports for the whole family to try. Teenagers are particularly fond of the thrills of water skiing, wakeboarding, banana boat and parasailing. The younger ones will not be bored, on the contrary, thanks to the seawater pool and its whirlpool. They especially love the freshwater pool and its waterfall, under which hours of games and laughter are experienced. If the children want to have fun with their new vacation friends, head for the special kids’ pool with its great slide and water play area!

Kos Island is one of the beautiful islands of the Dodecanese archipelago, and offers a splendid landscape of crystal-clear waters and lush vegetation. For a relaxing day under the Greek sun, the Plaka Forest is a well-loved place for families. Indeed, children love to see the dozens of free roaming peacocks, which often let themselves be approached, especially if you have bread on you! The peacocks and their babies cohabit with a multitude of cats, very affectionate, wandering around the place before going back to hide between the trees. Cross the bridge to new adventures and especially to a pond with lovely water turtles located in the middle of the forest. This is truly the perfect place for a quiet day that the whole family will enjoy.


To conclude

  • For a smooth and stress-free family trip to the land of the gods, trust our super team of Little Concierges, who go out of their way to ensure a splendid stay for the whole family. Read our article to learn more about these indispensable members of our team.
  • Greece’s climate is a great asset when deciding where to go on a family vacation. No matter what time of the year, the sun welcomes you. That’s why you shouldn’t forget your sunscreen for you and your little ones. Take a look at our comparison to choose the best one for your kids.
  • To make sure you don’t forget anything, take a look at our travel checklists. For babies from 0 to 3 years old, toddlers from 3 to 6 years old, and even children from 6 to 12 years old, we have everything planned!


Have a great trip ! 

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