Where and how to travel with baby: tips from a mom


Even if the adventure always seems a little frightening, travelling with a baby has never been as easy as today. Not only do most destinations offer services adapted to families but also the necessary equipment dedicated to young children does not cease to evolve towards greater autonomy and simplicity of use. I propose to overcome these bias ideas one by one as not to lose the pleasure of travelling with the family.

Une mère et son bébé dansent ensemble sur une plage paradisiaque

Traveling with baby, your new challenge!



  1. At what age can my baby travel?
  2. Destinations to avoid
  3. Recommended countries
  4. Baby-friendly hotels
  5. By plane or by car?
  6. What to pack?


1 – At what age can my baby travel?

In theory, you baby can take part to a trip from the age of 2 weeks. However, reason often invites parents to wait a couple more weeks because newborns need a lot of sleep, a calm and suitable rhythm of life. Except in cases of absolute necessity, it is recommended to wait until a baby is 3 or 4 months old to undertake a long trip. It also allows parents to be more at peace on the spot.

Note however that if there are few constraints on the minimum age, you must be extremely organized. A trip with your baby is to be prepared well in advance in order to limit and anticipate as much as possible the unexpected and inconveniences.


2 – Destinations to avoid

From a general point of view, when travelling with young children, it is advised to avoid destinations with a security or sanitation risk. Politically instable countries or ones located in regions where the climate is too harsh are strongly discouraged. A too high altitude is also not ideal for babies, and areas where there is a risk of contracting certain diseases such as malaria are also to be avoided.  It is preferable to opt for regions where the time difference is not too important, so it does not disturb your baby’s biologic clock. For exotic travel enthusiasts, think about choosing the right season, meaning the dry season during which the rains are not abundant and during which the humidity is also not too high.

Parents are advised to avoid destinations that are highly exposed to direct sun rays during high season. The skin and eyes of your baby are extremely fragile, but more importantly, they are unable to protect themselves properly from the ugly UV rays without the use of the correct equipment… Then, remember to bring for your little one an anti-UV outfit, a hat, but also baby sunglasses and an adapted organic solar protection.


3 – Recommended countries

During winter

During the winter, the Caribbean is recommended for a trip organised between the months of December and April. The Dominican Republic however remains a delightful family destination. On the agenda: coconut trees and palm trees as far as the eyes can see, turquoise water lagoons, fine white sand beaches, not to mention the easy-going lifestyle of the island and the sense of hospitality of its inhabitants which this country is famous for.

Another Winter destination highly sought out by families is Thailand. South-East Asia is a favourable region of the world for family trips. Considered to be sacred, children receive special attention from the people.

During summer

From the beginning of Spring until the end of Summer, France, Europe usually, offer pleasant weather and a beautiful diversity of landscapes. Greece, Italy or the Beleric islands guarantees a complete change of scenery and luxuriant nature, accessible in only a 4-hour flight from Paris.

Between June and September, Bali remains a very popular destination by families to avoid the monsoon season, which is very trying in this region of the world. The island offers a large panel of nautical and sporting activities in the heart of breath-taking landscapes where white sand beaches mix with paddy fields.


Un enfant et sa petite soeur jouent ensemble dans l'eau translucide d'une île paradisiaque

This time, let’s take the plunge with baby!


4 – « Baby-friendly » hotels

My most precious piece of advice would be to stay in a family hotel with kids-friendly facilities, just like those offered by The Little Guest Hotels Collection. The quality label put together luxurious and prestigious hotels with essential amenities for your little ones’comfort (car seat, baby bottle warmer, emergency pacifier, sterilizer, etc.), but also baby-clubs. Vacations are even more enjoyable for parents who are able to entrust their baby, without any fear, to care takers specially trained to welcome and entertain them.


Complimentary baby-clubs

The Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort, Morocco

It is on the West coast of Morocco, at the magnificent beach of El Jadida, that children from 3 month to 4 years of age are royalty! At the Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort, a free baby-club offers a large panel of playful and creative activities (drawing, painting, arts and crafts, etc.). The hotel also makes available a great babysitting service for the little ones (14€/h), as well as numerous facilitating equipment needed every day like prams, or kids’ menus and high chairs in its restaurants.

The Soneva Kiri, Thailand

Located on the private bay of the island of Koh Kood, the eco-resort Soneva Kiri welcomes thousands of little Robinson Crusoe’s every year in its kids-friendly installations. Toddlers from 12 months to 4 years old join the villa of the baby club « Eco Den », where they are welcomed and supervised by experienced care takers. The little ones also enjoy a superb outdoor playground with a swimming pool with its own slide! After 6pm, the nannies of the babysitting service take over (from 16€/h).



Hotels with baby menus

Mirtillo Rosso Family Hotel, Italy

Dedicated to families, the Mirtillo Rosso hotel is a mountain resort with a breathtaking view of the surrounding peaks, as well as all the invigorating benefits of the Alps fresh air. This hotel, a family hotel in every sense of the word, is very attentive to the well-being of the little ones. Its baby-club welcomes little ones from 1 to 3 years old. The establishment has an eye for detail and goes so far as to create moments of mini insertion so the child can familiarize himself with his new environment. Parents are also invited to participate in this essential step for their babies’ comfort! There is nothing more reassuring than knowing in which hands the light of our life will be in.

In the same spirit, this establishment prepares custom-made meals for the little ones! The proof is that a menu is especially dedicated to children from 0 to 2 years old: small purees and tasty broths are prepared every day with fresh products as if the Chef were preparing them for his own children!


Club Med Bali, Bali

Do you like custom-made products? Club Med Bali ****, located on the south coast of Bali, folds in four to satisfy everyone’s desires. Introduction to local customs, sharing with the inhabitants of the surrounding communes: a real life lesson!

While their parents enjoy the restaurant’s refined flavors, the little gourmets find their happiness “à la carte”. A true delight!



Baby-club from 4 months old

Belambra Les Deux Alpes Les Crêtes, Les Deux Alpes

If you’re looking for a mountain getaway with baby, the Belambra Les Deux Alpes Les Crêtes ***** is perfect for a family break. During the winter, it’s a real paradise for winter sports enthusiasts! If you prefer to go on vacation in summer, you will enjoy the magnificent mountain scenery in full bloom.

At the heart of the establishment, a colourful and playful play area welcomes children from 2 months to 4 years old. Toddlers play safely under the watchful eye of a professional and experienced team.


Little-Guest-Voyager avec bébé

Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities… ♪


Baby spa

Hotel Royal Evian, France

Evian is a spa town par excellence, known worldwide for its famous mineral water of the same name, which springs up in the heart of the Alps of Haute-Savoie. Nestled along the French shore of the famous Lake Geneva, Royal Evian is a remarkable establishment for families. Among the many assets of this hotel, the cures specially designed for young mothers and their babies from 4 to 10 months are a real must. On the program: introduction to infant massage and skin care.

A break of well-being and complicity as well as a dedicated program: mom will learn to massage her baby and communicate with them through exclusive programs, not to mention relaxing and beauty care, while baby will be cared for (from 4 months) by early childhood professionals at Baby Resort. The ideal equation to reconnect with your body!

In addition to a play area, the Baby Resort offers a baby bottle shop, a change room and a nap area. Prices vary according to the hours worked: 2h/30€, 4h/50€ (lunch or snack included), 4h and more/85€ (lunch and meals included).

Need more inspiration? Little Guest has selected the most beautiful luxury hotels with baby club for you.



Looking for a one-on-one evening?

Most baby clubs close their doors around 6pm. But for parents who wish (for once!) to have a dinner for two or go for a romantic walk on the beach at night? Little Guest has found some pearls for you: baby clubs that are open a little later than the others… and allow parents to enjoy the early evening!


The Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa, Algarve

The Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa, a sublime hotel estate located in Albufeira, Algarve, is no longer being presented. Its very pretty crèche welcomes toddlers between 6 months and three years old, during the week until 6pm, but it is above all its top-of-the-range baby-sitting service, provided 24 hours a day, that will satisfy couples in need of special moments together.


Martinhal Lisbon Chiado Family Suites, Lisbon

In the heart of historic Lisbon, the Martinhal Lisbon Chiado is described as « The World’s First City-Centre Elegant Family Hotel »! Elegance, cosy atmosphere and colors are all here to stay in this magnificent apartment-hotel complex. The incredible kids-club is there to perfectly take care of your littles ones! The opportunity to eat a delicious Arroz de marisco or to walk down the narrow streets of Lisbon together.


Banyan Tree Tamounda, Tanger

It’s near Tanger, in the northern part of Morocco, thant the Banyan Tree Tamouda welcomes you within one of its restaurants for a romantic dinner just the two of you, between lovers! This hotel offers a babysitting service and a baby-club open to children aged 4 and more, under the splendid Moroccan sun while parents enjoy a well deserved intimate moment. Appreciate privileged time and head to the wonderful city of Tanger for a visit and discover all the secrets every corner hides.


5 – By plane or by car?

The question on which method of transportation is best often turns into a real brain teaser when travelling with a baby. Moving around with a young child always requires carrying a lot of things (baby equipment, food, change of clothes, etc.).

For short distance travel, the car remains the most popular method of transport for families. Very practical it offers a greater freedom and allows to not have too many restrictions in terms of luggage but also a bigger freedom on schedules and stops ‘à la carte’. The only inconvenience: most of the time the arrival time is uncertain. Browse this article on travelling by car with a baby for more useful tips.

For longer distances, we prefer the plane. Usually children fly for free until the age of 2 and a cradle is made available on long flights. The only inconvenience is the waiting at the check-in which is sometimes very long. Discover the conditions related to your baby’s luggage. If you are pregnant and you are apprehensive about travelling by plane this article on advice for pregnant women taking the plane will be very useful to you.

Either way whatever the method of transport you choose, think about bringing an ultra-light cane stroller and a baby carrier to circulate as freely as possible, without overburdening you unnecessarily.


Deux enfants dorment l'un contre l'autre dans un hamac

A better organization for a better family trip


6 – What to pack?

Print a checklist

Preparing the baby’s suitcase requires a little organization and a lot of common sense. It’s about not forgetting anything, anticipating all possible scenarios and above all, staying zen! To accompany you in this heavy task, here is a downloadable check-list made to organize suitcases of babies from 0 to 3 years old. Thanks to this checklist, preparing baby’s luggage becomes a breeze So much so that baby will probably claim the appropriation of his own travel baggage. Autonomy made possible by all the children’s suitcases available on the market. Among them, the number one carrying suitcase: The Dream Rider by Samsonite.

Regarding the choice of clothes, a little common sense is enough to prepare the bag. Keep in mind, however, that if the days are hot and sunny, evenings can be very cool, as is the case in Northern Thailand.

The essential first aid kid

Also remember to pack a first aid kit for the little sores of everyday life, consisting of some essential drugs. If you need to buy medicine on the spot, always go to an official pharmacy!

If you are going to a hot and / or humid country, do not forget to bring with you a small mosquito net to easily hang around a cradle or stroller. Also plan for light but covering clothes to properly equip your baby against mosquitoes until the end of the evening. All our mosquito prevention tips and tricks are listed in this article.

What documents to bring?

For official documents, inquire several months before your departure date to make sure you do not forget anything. In general, when traveling within one’s country of origin, an identity card is sufficient to justify the age of the child for charging, especially for train journeys. Before 4 years old, it is not even necessary by train or car. By contrast, airlines require ID for domestic flights for any passenger, regardless of age.

When one leaves the national territory, identity papers are required for the whole family. In EU countries, the Schengen area and Switzerland, the identity card is sufficient. For the rest of the world, only the updated passport will serve as an identity document. It is mandatory and sometimes requires a visa. You will find all the necessary information on the France Diplomatie website.


Keep calm et have a nice trip !



Catherine, married, Justine’s mom, from Paris

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